Top 10 Bank transfer Live Casinos

Every shopper prefers using safe, secure and efficient banking methods when making online payments. With various payment options, shoppers would prefer using money transfer options that they can use to deposit and withdraw cash safely.

It would even be better if they used bank transfer options that don't require their personal information. Paysafecard can come in handy in ensuring a shopper's sensitive information is not disclosed to anyone regarding such payment options.

Using Paysafecard is the same as visiting a local store and buying grocery items with cash.

Top 10 Bank transfer Live Casinos
Bank Transfer Payment Option

Bank Transfer Payment Option

Bank transfer is an electronic method of transferring funds from one bank account to another. Customers who use bank transfers as a payment option prefer choosing operators who offer them fast, safe, secure, and reliable methods of transferring money.

Before opening an account with any provider, customers should dig deeper to understand the kind of operators they'll trust with their money. In addition, customers should ensure their account holders operate in their regions to avoid experiencing challenges when making money transfers.

The first bank transfer payment option was launched in 1872 by Western Union in the USA. The payment option then existed as wire transfer via telegraph network. A sender could pay money to a telegraph office, and the operator could "wire" the cash to the recipient at that location.

Bank transfer has grown in popularity since its launch. Customers can use cashless payment methods to pay for goods and services. Bank transfer payment option is widespread in countries within Asia-Pacific and the European Union.

There are a variety of payment options customers can use when initiating bank transfers that includes:

  • Credit transfers
  • Card payments
  • Cheques (US checks)
  • Direct debit

Most live casino players have adopted the bank transfer payment option. This is because there's always a guarantee that their money will land in the right hands. Bank transfer has been in operation for decades, and that's a good sign that it's safe, secure and reliable. The payment option also offers them several payment options that they'd feel comfortable using.

Bank Transfer Payment Option
Best Live Casinos with Bank Transfer Payment Option

Best Live Casinos with Bank Transfer Payment Option

Live casino players need to learn how to transfer cash into their accounts to play their favorite games when it comes to online gaming. Luckily, players who prefer bank transfer payment when depositing their money into their casino accounts have something to smile about.

Hundreds of online casinos offer live casino games. They include:

  • Betwinner
  • Betmaster
  • 888 Casino
  • 22Bet
  • 1xSlots
  • Spinamba
  • BoaBoa
  • Joo Casino
  • Megapari
  • Gunsbet

Depositing with Bank Transfer at Live Casinos

These live casinos are readily available, and all players need is to register and deposit money using their preferred bank transfer payment options. Once players deposit money, they can start playing their favorite live games and enjoy several bonuses offered.

The good thing is that most live casinos will offer a variety of bank transfer options. Allowing their customers to access different bank transfer payment options is a plus to the casinos and the customers.

The casinos will attract more players who will come to them since they can offer their preferred money transfer option. On the other hand, live casino players will benefit from money transfer options that are readily available, safe, secure, and reliable.

Some critical questions live casino players will need answers for before joining a casino or choosing a banking method are:

  1. How long does a bank transfer take?
  2. Are there other casino payment methods one can try when depositing or withdrawing money?
  3. Do live casinos accept bank transfer payment options in a given country?

Live casino players need to be extra careful when choosing their casinos with a plethora of payment options. Most live casinos offer payment options that are only applicable for given regions. Casinos have to receive or pay money in different currencies, and if a casino doesn't accept a given currency, it may disadvantage gaming enthusiasts in that region.

Bank transfer is one of the easiest ways live casino players can enjoy depositing money into their casino accounts. Once they choose the option from the cashier page, casino players can now enter their bank account details.

If the numbers entered are correct, the bank will start processing and deposit the money safely. Casino players can connect providers with their accounts and request them to deposit money directly into their accounts.

Daily limit at Bank transfer

The daily limit that live casino players can deposit into their accounts is subject to the different casinos and banking policies. The limit will also depend on the bank transfer option that customers will choose.

The limitation may range from $1000 to $20,000 per day. However, players should do thorough research to understand everything about deposit limits when using bank transfers.

Best Live Casinos with Bank Transfer Payment Option
How to Make Withdrawal with Bank Transfer Payment Option

How to Make Withdrawal with Bank Transfer Payment Option

Players who want to withdraw cash from their live casinos using a bank transfer may find this an easy way to withdraw money they've won. The only thing players should consider is following all the conditions provided.

These conditions may include the minimum amount that needs to be in their accounts before withdrawing and the maximum amount they can withdraw.

Steps when withdrawing at Bank transfer:

  1. Live casino players can head to the cashier section, where they'll select 'withdraw.'
  2. After selecting withdraw, they'll choose the bank transfer option from several other options offered by the casino.
  3. The next step will involve entering the amount they intend to withdraw.
  4. Once they verify that all information they provided is correct, they can click withdraw, and they'll receive the money in a few days or weeks.

Players can withdraw directly from a provider if the money has already been credited into their accounts. They can use several options such as ATMs or withdrawing using the mobile transfer option.

The federal banking rules allow customers to withdraw as much money they want from their accounts when it comes to daily withdrawal limits. After all, it is their money. However, any withdrawal that exceeds $10,000 should be reported to the government.

Banks are known to be strict when it comes to money transfers. They'll spend long enough to ensure no mistakes arise when transferring money. The processing time might take a couple of days or weeks, depending on the banking option used.

How to Make Withdrawal with Bank Transfer Payment Option
Pros and Cons with Bank Transfer Payment Option

Pros and Cons with Bank Transfer Payment Option

Most live casino players who have access to the bank transfer payment option find it ideal due to several reasons. Here are some of the advantages players enjoy when using the bank transfer payment option.


  • Convenient. Bank transfer or wire transfer is a convenient method of transferring funds. Most live casinos allow their customers to use bank transfers to deposit or withdraw money. Players can link their accounts to their providers and deposit or withdraw cash into their live casinos from anywhere.
  • Safe and secure. Live casino players don't have to worry about their money landing in the wrong hands. They feel guaranteed that their financial details will remain between them and their providers. No third party can interfere with their accounts.
  • Fast when making over-the-counter cash deposits. Unlike paying via cards or checks, depositing in cash doesn't take long to process. Players can deposit some money and purchase live casino games the same day.
  • Easy to open a bank account. The majority of players have bank accounts, and they can use them to deposit or withdraw cash from their live casinos. When opening bank accounts, players will take less time to apply online and have their bank accounts in record time.


  • High processing fees. Bank transfer charges fees for every service they offer to their customers, thus making it costly.
  • No transparency. Bank transfers do not disclose the amount they charge for sending cash. When they keep it hidden, they run the risk of failing to be transparent.
  • An easy target for scammers. Bank transfer is an easy target for scammers. If scammers access customers' transaction codes and tracking numbers, they can transfer money through the wire.
Pros and Cons with Bank Transfer Payment Option
Safety and Security at Bank Transfer Payment Option

Safety and Security at Bank Transfer Payment Option

The safety and security of any payment option is a crucial subject that customers consider. Nobody wants to use a bank transfer method that puts their hard-earned money and personal details at risk.

Luckily, the support team works tirelessly to ensure their customers are safe from fraudsters. With bank transfers, every sensitive information about customers remains under the custody of providers. They can't share the bank details of their customers with third parties.

The Financial Conduct Authority also regulates how bank transfer companies conduct themselves. They ensure all transactions are legitimate and safe.

However, even the safest method of money transfer can be a target to scammers. Here are the things customers should look out for to avoid getting scammed.

  • Ensure they trust the person or organization they are sending money to when using the bank transfer payment option.
  • Ensure they double-check when entering information in their bank account or the recipient's account number.
  • Use alternative methods like credit cards if they are sending money to people they don't know.
  • Avoid sharing their PIN and personal information with people they don't know or trust.
  • In case they suspect any scammer, players should call the bank transfer support group.
Safety and Security at Bank Transfer Payment Option
Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

For those who wish to read more about responsible gaming or need help with addiction, please visit these websites below.

Responsible Gaming


Everything you need to know about casinos

What is bank transfer?

Depending on the country of origin, bank transfers go by different terminologies such as fast bank transfer, bank wire, direct bank transfer, ACH, fast bank, and wire transfer. But the process is usually the same as it involves direct exchange of funds between the casino’s and the players’ bank accounts. Sometimes, the transaction is facilitated by an intermediary or merchant service.

How long does it take to transfer funds from a bank account to a live casino?

Most bank transfers are instant, but it may take up to 48 hours for the bank to approve. It is crucial to note the upper transaction limit when sending a large sum to a casino. Some banks may hold the money for a few days for security purposes, so they’re no reason to panic.

If a player registers in a casino today, can they play immediately?

Some live casinos give new players a chance to try free games before making a deposit. So, it is possible to start playing immediately upon signing up. Punters who want to play for real money can start betting as soon as their money reflects on their casino accounts. How fast they start wagering depends on the speed of bank transfer.

Who pays a conversion fee when depositing money in a casino?

Unlike many e-wallets, bank transfers allow all currencies from different countries. Since banks collaborate when serving customers, they don’t have a problem converting one currency to another. Nevertheless, players who need to convert their currency to match that of a live casino will pay a conversion fee.

Which details do banks need to transfer money to a live casino?

Before depositing to a casino site, the player needs to have access to a set of information such as:

  • Name and account number of the recipient (casino)
  • Date of transaction
  • Payment reference to let the casino know the purpose of the payment
  • A security code

Why do banks ask for a code in the process of making a casino deposit?

Security comes first. When loading a bankroll, a player must log in to their online banking platform to authorize the transaction. The bank sends a security code through an automated caller or SMS. Then the player enters this code to confirm the transfer.

Is bank transfer quicker through a mobile device?

Most online gambling sites have been mobile-optimized to allow casino players to enjoy gaming while on the go. Luckily, many banks have introduced mobile banking apps with simplified verification. As such, mobile banking transfers can be much faster.

Will international bank transfers take too long?

International bank transfers usually take longer because they must go through SWIFT and SEPA systems. The transaction time will be affected by:

  • Type of currency
  • Fraud prevention mechanism
  • Bank holidays
  • Time zone

Generally, it can take up to five working days to process an international bank transfer.

Can a live casino wire-transfer the player’s winnings?

The majority of casino payments happen between two domestic bank accounts. However, in a wire transfer, money is moved from one international bank account to another. Casinos can wire-transfer winnings, but the process takes a little longer.

When do banks reject transfers to casino sites?

If the bank is against online gambling, it cannot authorize fund transfer to a live casino. The most susceptible transfers are those involving offshore gambling (sites operating outside the country that the bank serves). Another reason for the bank to reject a payment request is when the activity seems suspicious, e.g., from a new device and IP address. They block the transaction to protect the customer from fraud.

Where are casino bank transfers accepted?

Not all offshore casinos are blocked by banks. Most local and international banks accept casinos operating within the required jurisdiction.