Everything you ever wanted to know about Live Dealer Games



Katrin Becker

Live Casinos are becoming more and more popular, allowing their customer a perfect ratio between the thrill of casino experience and accessibility of online services.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Live Dealer Games

However, understanding the peculiarities of the industry and following the customers` demand, some best online casinos offer live dealer games. Those services are meant to boost up the gaming experience, making it even more life-like while preserving the comfort and advanced opportunities of online gaming.

Today the best live casinos online seem to set the tone for the whole industry. Therefore the time has come to look closer at the concept of Live Dealer Games and try to understand their principle as well as perspectives for the gaming industry.

The idea of live dealers in online casinos

The principle is pretty straightforward: a live dealer hosts the game for an online casino turning it from another virtual platform into a live gaming experience. To provide a thorough experience, some top live casinos arrange the game broadcast from a professionally staged studio with advanced lighting, multiple cameras placed at various angles, and top-quality microphones. Moreover, players get an opportunity to communicate directly with the host through text or voice messages or even video conferences.

Technically this option is precisely what makes live casinos so popular among modern players. In a way, this concept is the embodiment of Phygital (compilation between physical and digital experience) in the modern casino industry. Mainly because of that, today`s top live casinos are seen as the future of the whole industry.

However, this concept is not that innovative indeed. Before its triumphant appearance in the live casino field, it has been successfully launched for lotteries, wheel games, and bingo. Today the Live Casino industry is becoming more and more competitive, showing that the concept of live dealers is thriving for blackjack, baccarat, roulette, three-card poker, etc.

Moreover, it does not only provide the desired live-like experience to the game but also takes it to a whole new level with the additional layer of trust option, eliminating the notorious random number generators that have been scaring players off the digital experience until now.

Final thoughts

The trend towards global digitalization that has been greatly encouraged by the recent Pandemic of COVID-19 Live Dealer Games is becoming a solution for the whole Casino industry. It allows them to avoid the need to re-invent the wheel and jump through loops adapting to the new reality and attracting players. In fact, since the concept of Live casinos online already exists for a while and even has its authentic developments, all the industry has to do is apply it to a wider range of games, offering players a choice.

In the future, the concept may offer customization options, a personalized approach to regular and VIP players, more advanced and immersive communication technologies or the adoption of augmented reality, and more.

Considering how fast the trend has developed in a matter of only several years and demand on live dealer experience among players, it is reasonable to suggest that those developments will occur in the observable future, changing the image and perspectives of the overall offline and online casino industry.

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