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Evolution Gaming is a leading live casino games provider, regularly introducing some of the most innovative games to be played via live stream, desktop, and mobile devices. one such innovation from Evolution Gaming is Live Lightning Dice.

The Lighting Dice has a unique dice rolling mechanic with added multiplier bonuses on each toss which can result in a payout of as much as 1000x the bet. The game is set in a studio built ad hoc. The casino is dark, yellow and black are the main colors. The host is witty, funny, and intelligent with a mission of providing the players with the best live gaming experience.

How to Play Lighting Dice: The RulesHow Does Lightning Dice Work?How to win at Lightning Dice:
How to Play Lighting Dice: The Rules

How to Play Lighting Dice: The Rules

Playing Lightning Dice is quite simple. The game follows the same rules as those of a classic dice betting games with an added twist: the strength and power of lighting. In this game, punters bet on the outcome of a roll of three dice.

Lightning Dice rules

This means that they bet on whether the result will be 3 through to 18. Each outcome has a multiplier and that is the amount you win if you bet correctly. The multipliers range between x5 to x150 and are determined by the odds of the result occurring.

How to Play Lighting Dice: The Rules
How Does Lightning Dice Work?

How Does Lightning Dice Work?

In the Lighting Dice game, the camera moves to where the focus is needed. Most of the time, gamers will have a full view of the maze-like structure, the host, and the lever.

To start playing, gamers are required to bet on a number; all wagers can be placed on the numbers at the bottom of the screen. The host will then move three dice at the top of the maze and pull the lever. The dice moves through the turret and discloses the winning numbers.

Gamers can place wagers as low as $0.20 and go as high as $2,000. Lighting Dice is a simple and fast-paced game that brings punters to the brink with each game round.

How Does Lightning Dice Work?
How to win at Lightning Dice:

How to win at Lightning Dice:

In live lightning dice, players can bet on three dice totals 3 to 18. The payouts to be received are shown on the betting grid. Players can bet on as many totals as they like. There is even a “Bet All” button provided to make things easier.

Lightning Dice Strategy

The value bets are on numbers 8 through to 13. All these numbers can be subjected to a multiplier of up to x50. Their base payout ranges from 5x to 7x meaning that players can still get a good payout if these totals are achieved.

These values are the ones that often appear. In theory, a player needs to correctly bet one of the numbers every 7 game rounds to break even—assuming that they are betting on a single number. However, the payout will be very little—one plays their bankroll a few times, giving a longer play session.

A player that is after bigger wins can place additional small bets on numbers 3 or 18, as these can have a multiplier of 1000x applied to them.

How to win at Lightning Dice:


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When was Lightning Dice Invented?

Live Lighting Dice is an Evolution Gaming title released on June 13, 2019. The game was released a few weeks after the Super Sic BO dice game aiding in the increased popularity of classic dice games.

What are Lighting Dice Odds?

The odds of Lighting Dice are as follows:
Sum of 3= 0.5%, Sum of 4= 1.4%, Sum of 5= 2.8%, Sum of 6= 4.6%, Sum of 7= 7.0%, Sum of 8= 9.7%, Sum of 9= 11.6%, Sum of 10 = 12.5%, Sum of 11=12.5%, Sum of 12= 11.6%, Sum of 13= 9.7%, Sum of 14= 7.0%, Sum of 15= 4.6%, Sum of 16= 2.8%, Sum of 17= 1.4%, Sum of 18= 0.5%.
From this data, it is clear that 3 and 18 have the lowest odds at only 0.5% thus the reason for the high payout of x150. Not to forget the Lightning for 1000x strikes on 3 or 18.