May 22, 2022

Can Online Live Roulette Be Profitable for Players?

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Only two online casino games are played on a wheel – roulette and slots. Although most players love the latter, the former appeals to experienced players. Unlike slots, live roulette is available to play at the best live casinos, meaning players don’t have to deal with randomly generated results. 

Can Online Live Roulette Be Profitable for Players?

But being a luck-based game, your losing sessions on the roulette can be more than expected. However, don’t despair because LiveCasinoRank experts are here to furnish you with some profitable roulette tips.

European wheel over American wheel

Okay, this point can be a little bit obvious for experienced players. But if you’re still new to this subject, it can be a lifesaver. Never play the American Roulette if you can find the European version anywhere, including on another live casino.

Whereas the European variant comes with a single green “0” pocket, the American version has “0” and “00” pockets. 

So, what’s the big deal, considering you’ll get a 1:35 payout after landing the correct number in both games? The difference is that players have a 1 in 37 chance of hitting the correct single number in the European game. The odds are a bit long in the American version at 1 in 38. 

Given that both wheels have a similar layout and payout, the straight choice is the European Roulette. The 2.7% house edge is almost two times less than the 5.27% rate on the American wheel. 

Make outside wagers for better winning odds

Now that you can select a live roulette wheel, it’s time to look at the wagers. Basically, a standard roulette table has two main types of bets – outside and inside bets.

The outside bets are the primary types of roulette bets. Here, you can predict whether the outcome is odd/even, red/black, or high/low (1-18/19-36). 

On the other hand, inside bets involve predicting the outcome of specific numbers. For example, you can predict that the ball will land on 16 and win a 35:1 payout. You can also split your inside bet between 2 to 6 numbers adjacent to each other on the wheel. 

Now, it only takes common sense to realize that you run a lower risk of losing a prediction with outside bets. That’s because you have a 50/50 chance of hitting these bets. However, these bets pay even money at 1:1. That can be a put-off for some high roller players. 

Use betting systems in moderation

Who said betting systems are not profitable in luck-based games like roulette? Although these gambling tricks don’t guarantee a win, they can significantly reduce your losing sessions. Just get a big enough bankroll and square it out with the house.

The Martingale and D’Alembert betting systems have proved very effective in some roulette and craps bets for some players. In the Martingale system, players double their losing bet limits until they register a win. But in D’Alembert, the bet limit decreases by a  unit after a win and increases after a loss.

But don’t use these betting systems any roulette bet. It’s advisable to apply these betting tricks on even-money bets like odd/even, red/black, and 1-18/19-36. In live craps, you can choose pass, don’t pass, come, and don’t come bets.

The Martingale and D’Alembert betting strategies are designed to work on wagers with almost a 50% chance of winning. In other words, players have an equal chance of winning the next bet after a loss. But mark this, nothing is guaranteed.

Play live roulette variants

Competition in the online gambling scene has brought the best out of the live content aggregators. These days, developers are churning out newer and highly rewarding table game variants. 

Play live roulette variants because these games maintain the core values of the classic roulette game. In other words, you’ll play on the same table/wheels, and the inside and outside bets remain the same.

But operators give these games a whole new meaning by adding optional multiplier side bets. These side bets can have tantalizing payouts that can provide a life-changing amount on a lucky day.

For example, play XL Roulette Live by Authentic Gaming, which has four game modes with 50 to 500x multipliers on straight-up numbers. You can also play the award-winning Lightning Roulette by Evolution and play on a French when with a 500x maximum multiplier.

That’s not all. Live roulette variants allow players to slow down the gameplay, protecting their bankrolls. Again, Authentic Gaming is the absolute master of this, with variants like Casino Floor Live Roulette and Grand Roulette Live allowing players up to 55 seconds to make a bet.


See, there are roulette strategies that actually work. Betting on outside bets increases your winning chances, although the payout is a bit short. But come to think of it, gambling should be about fun in the first place. But boosting your bankroll with these winning tips is never a bad thing.

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