Top Online Gaming Trends in 2021




The iGaming industry is expanding leaps and bounds. Today, it’s safe to say that mobile gaming is more popular than console gaming. It’s even quickly catching up with TV shows and series streaming. But the key to iGaming’s continued growth is to know where exactly it’s heading in 2021. So, this post takes a keener look at some popular gaming trends to expect this year and in the foreseeable future.

Top Online Gaming Trends in 2021

1. Live casinos will take over

There’s no denying that 2020 has been a terrible year for casino gamers and operators. The industry has had to deal with the ravaging Coronavirus pandemic and the boring social distancing rules.

Fortunately, casino players no longer need to go on that long and tiring trip to a land-based casino. Today, players can play right from the comfort of their homes, thanks to online casinos.

It even gets better with the introduction of live casinos. With this technology, punters can enjoy their favorite table games managed by professional croupiers. It’s an excellent opportunity to try your skills against other global players.

2. Mobile gaming boom

As said above, online casinos, sportsbooks, and game consoles are ruling the gaming scene. But in enters the mobile technology. Most smartphones are now just as powerful as computers and game consoles like PlayStation and Xbox. Also, mobile devices allow players to enjoy themselves on the move.

It’s because of these reasons that developers such as Fortnite are now embracing mobile gaming. For example, popular franchises like Battle Royale and Call of Duty are now available to mobile gamers. Overall, it’s evident that mobile gaming is the future.

3. Battle Royales are here to stay

First and foremost, Battle Royales are games where players must duke it out until just a single soul remains standing. These games are undoubtedly the most widely played in the iGaming sphere. The industry started with Fortnite and PUGB in 2017, and the sky has been the limit since then. Call of Duty Warzone has also been a hotcake for those aged more than 18 years as the brand new Cold War looks to take over in 2021.

4. The rising popularity of professional gamblers

Video games have been played for fun for quite some time now. Interestingly, some players are now adopting this form of entertainment as a profession. It’s currently one of the most popular careers among the young generations and ranks among the fastest-growing markets. But it’s not only professional gamers that you’ll get here. There are also careers for software developers, game testing professionals, and more. In conclusion, there are many career opportunities in the iGaming space.

5. Cloud gaming will grow and expand

On paper, purchasing a game online without setting foot in a physical shop is fun. However, PlayStation users know that downloading a title may take hours to complete. Also, you may encounter frequent performance issues due to outdated hardware. Or, your PC or console may be out of space to support new content.

Fortunately, cloud gaming bypasses these annoying issues and lets you stream the games live. This way, players don’t have to download anything. You’ll also be using the latest and fastest software without necessarily investing in a new device.

And the benefits don’t only go to the consumers. Game streaming services such as PS Now give Sony the much-needed recurring revenue stream.

Game over

These are the five biggest online gaming trends ready to take the industry by storm in 2021. And that’s not all. There are other technologies such as 5G and AI that will positively affect the online gaming industry. Simply put, the gaming industry is always on the move. So, don’t be left behind!

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