Paysafecard Live Casino Deposits, Withdrawals & Fees

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There are many different options for making and receiving payments with online casinos and while most work in generally the same way, they are some that adopt a different basic system. PaysafeCard is one of those options, and below are all the details on the unique way the system works.

Paysafecard Live Casino Deposits, Withdrawals & Fees

Making Live Casino Deposits with PaysafeCard

The main part of PaysafeCard is its voucher system, where vouchers are bought at a physical or online retailer and then exchanged through other retailers like live casinos. The advantage is that, unlike direct card payments which naturally expose your payment details online, these vouchers don't contain any payment details as they are effectively disposable temporary debit cards.

The process works as follows:

  1. Buy a voucher at a participating shop in your local region with cash or a card, or buy one online.
  2. Go to your favorite live casino.
  3. Hit deposit then enter the amount you want to deposit.
  4. Select PaysafeCard as the payment option and enter the voucher code to pay.

Any funds not spent from the voucher will stay on the balance, and you can make an account with Paysafe to track all of your active vouchers and their balances.

Making Live Casino Withdrawals with PaysafeCard

While a Paysafecard account isn't needed to make deposits with PaysafeCard, it is required to receive withdrawals through the same system. You will need an active account on Paysafe, at which point the system will work more like a regular e-wallet.

The process is this:

  • Go to the live casino and select 'withdraw'.
  • On the withdrawal screen, select PaysafeCard and enter your account details.
  • Hit confirm and the funds should be transferred at the same speed as other e-wallets.

Note that if a live casino accepts PaysafeCard for making deposits, it doesn't mean that it also accepts it for withdrawals. The number of live casinos that allow PaysafeCard withdrawals is actually very small in general, so a different withdrawal method may need to be used.

PaysafeCard Fees

If you're using your PaysafeCard for live casinos, then no regular fees apply for either deposits or withdrawals. If you make use of the Paysafe Mastercard through an account, then a yearly fee will apply, as well as a standard fee for withdrawing cash at an ATM.

  • Yearly fee: €9.90
  • ATM withdrawal fee: 3.00% or €3.50, whichever is larger.
  • Currency conversion fee: Dependent on current exchange rates.

As a note, keeping funds on a Paysafe account may also incur fees:

  • From the second month: €3.00 per month
  • From the thirteenth month: €5.00 per month if the card has not been used within the past twelve months.


If what you're looking for in a deposit method is to make smaller payments without exposing your personal details to online threats, PaysafeCard is ideal. It works best if you use it only as a deposit method due to needing to give your details to make an account for withdrawals, plus the fees incurred for maintaining a balance on that account.

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Where is PaysafeCard available?

PaysafeCard is primarily a European payment method, although can also be used in several countries outside of the region including Australia and the United States.

How long do PaysafeCard deposits take to complete?

Although some live casinos have slightly different systems from others, usually PaysafeCard deposits are activated instantly.

How long do PaysafeCard withdrawals take to complete?

This depends heavily on which live casino you are playing on, although the average time is between 3 and 5 days.

What is the maximum amount you can deposit with PaysafeCard?

PaysafeCard vouchers allow up to €50 to be sent at one time, so for amounts greater than that, you would need to make multiple deposits.

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