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Evolution Gaming claims a huge chunk of the online gaming space when it comes to live dealer games. You can hardly miss gaming titles from Evolution Gaming in most of the big names in the live casino industry. Evolution's immersive live roulette variants are among the best. While the traditional live roulette remains an e xception, Evolution Gaming has raised the stakes further by introducing the live auto roulette to spice things up for live roulette enthusiasts.

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What is Auto Live Roulette?

The live auto roulette is an exciting roulette variant. This game features a computer-generated tabletop and a roulette wheel. A standout feature in this game is that an automated wheel replaces the croupier. But this is no cause for alarm for live roulette fans as the wheel is undoubtedly authentic.

The new sleek and automated wheel speeds up the game by taking care of lags that often characterize most croupier-run live dealer games. Players only have a limited amount of time to place their wagers before the wheel spins. More spins mean that players are gifted with more opportunities to place their bets.

How to Play Live Casino Auto Roulette

The point of automating the wheel is to speed things up. However, this does not mean that players are inclined to rush through while placing their wagers. In terms of the gameplay, Auto Live Roulette borrows heavily from traditional roulette variants.

And since there is no dealer, players choose their bets. All a player needs is to select his or her wagers using computer-generated buttons. Besides choosing bets, they should familiarize themselves with two essential controls or prompts; the "Clear" and "Undo" buttons. It is worth noting that bets can only be placed while the "Place Your Bet" command is visible.

To play, here is an overview of the gaming action:

  • Choose the amount to wager from the betting menu
  • Choose bets by tapping
  • Once bets are confirmed, the wheel spins, and the ball is released
  • Round ends, and winning bets are paid as the next round commences

For longer play sessions, players can always choose the autoplay feature to place wagers automatically. But before using the autoplay, a player is required to place an initial bet.

Auto Live Roulette Rules

When it comes to betting, European roulette rules also apply to Live Roulette, but with some minor disparities. For instance, all outcomes are subject to the La Partage rule, which leaves players with half their losing the bets if the ball lands on zero.

Players can make inside and outside bets. With inside bets, a player bet on a specific number or a number of them. Outside bets are placed by placing chips on the fields outside the number areas.

How To Win at Auto Live Roulette

The key to wining at the Auto Live Roulette, is to learn the fundamentals of them. From there, you also need to incorporate some strategies in your betting routine to help maximize your odds of winning.

Live Casino Auto Live Roulette Strategy

Since the introduction of Auto Live Roulette, savvy players tend to use structured methods to define their bets. Ideally, players can use various betting strategies ranging from the Martingale, d'Alembert, to the Paroli system.

Ideally, having a plan goes a long way in helping a player structure their bet so that they reduce the house's advantage. It is worth noting that the house will always have the edge, irrespective of the strategy used

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Why should you play the auto live dealer roulette?

While live dealers foster player interactions, they are prone to mistakes and often slow the game down. But the auto live dealer roulette promises a consistent user experience.

Is the live auto roulette an RNG-based game?

No, the live auto roulette employs an actual game wheel. This means a random number generator does not determine that game results, but the "lady of luck".