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Playtech powers some of the best live casinos in the gambling industry. The company boasts hundreds of online slots and table game variants, the latest being the Money Draw Live video show. Sounds familiar? This game draws its inspiration from the popular UK TV show, The 100K Drop, which Davina McCall hosts. So, what's with this latest addition by Playtech?

How to Play Money Drop Live by Playtech

Money Drop Live overview

First and foremost, Money Drop Live is available at the best live casino sites powered by Playtech. The game is hosted on a giant spinning wheel with up to 54 pockets. Of the available pockets, 51 contain multipliers, with the other three featuring Card Clash rounds.

The game's basic premise is to place a bet and get a multiplier of the initial bet. This can be anything up to 5,000x the initial wager. So, for example, placing a $1 bet can win you up to $5,000 to play with. The whole idea is to try as much as possible to hold on to the bonus money awarded and cash out a small amount.

How to play Money Drop Live

Without any further ado, start by firing up the game, and you'll see the big spinning wheel on the right. You'll also see the betting options in the foreground. Now click to choose a bet value (eight of them), and then the live host will spin the wheel. The pointer will land on the multiplier value you win. If you're lucky, the multiplier value will be doubled.

Suppose you win $500, proceed to spread the bonus money on the stacks labeled A-D. These are the Money Drop zones. Slide your mouse or finger up/down the ladder to choose the amount to add. The idea is to place a pile of cash and hope they don't fall off during the money drop. The remaining amount after the Money Drop round is yours for keeps. Alternatively, it can be carried forward to the next drop round.

Card Clash

Another notable feature is the Card Clash. Here, players win by betting on this option and hope it will land on the wheel. As said earlier, only three pockets contain the Card Clash bonus. Now this means you only have 5.56% of landing the prize.

If you're lucky to enter the Card Clash round, you'll play on a red table featuring a 52-card deck. After that, you'll set the playing position as Blue or Pink before the dealer draws a card for the positions. If the position you select gets a higher-value card, you win.

Meanwhile, there are three Card Clash rounds with 5x, 15x, and 95x multipliers. Interestingly, the participating player gets a 1,000x jackpot if all the Card Clash rounds end in a stalemate.

Below is the Card Clash paytable:

  • Three ties – 1000x
  • Three wins – 50x
  • One win and two ties – 30x
  • Two wins and one tie – 25:1
  • Two wins or as many ties – 20x
  • One win and one tie – 15x
  • One win – 10x
  • One tie – 5x

Tips to win at Money Drops Live

Because there are eight bets to place, it's advisable to bet on all positions to enter either of the bonus rounds. Players have a 37.03% chance of landing the 8x multiplier and 20.37% for the 15x multiplier. So, bet on all positions to get a multiplier or a Card Clash round.

Another strategy is to play conservatively. Remember that the whole point is to remain in the mix during each money drop. Therefore, share the money in every zone available. You can use the Autoplay feature to choose an optimum amount or share it manually.

Money Drop Live: Final Assessment

With a 94% to 96.48% RTP, this game is more akin to online slots than live casino games. But it makes up for this blip with player-controlled volatility. Gamers can decide the risk amount they want to take on each round, meaning you can play more conservatively. Just don't be too aggressive, as this game can eat through your bankroll quickly.

Best gambling quote: “Gambling is not about how well you play the games, it’s really about how well you handle your money.”

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