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Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

The provider promotes safe gambling and offers resources and tools to help users maintain control over their gaming behavior. This includes choices for self-exclusion, limiting deposits, and pausing while playing.

Ultra Casino does everything in its power to provide a safe and enjoyable gaming experience and provide its clients with the highest levels of user protection.

The majority of players will not be affected, but there is still a small percentage of players who develop an unhealthy gambling habit that can lead to an addiction.

Ultra Casino employs several ways to guarantee that they meet the expectations laid out by the regulators. Here are only some of the things that the casino does to create a fair and safe environment:

  • The casino improves awareness and educates users and clients on responsible gaming practices.
  • The casino protects minors and other vulnerable individuals
  • The casino provides players with self-help tools

Protecting Vulnerable and Underage from Gambling

Ultra Casino doesn’t allow minors to create an account at the casino and play games for real money. For that reason, they go over an extensive verification procedure to make sure that each player is of legal age to gamble.

Players who are dealing with gambling addiction can take advantage of one of the many features that the casino provides. On top of that, they can also find links to professional organizations that may be able to help them deal with their addiction.

Stay in Control

Ultra Casino wants its users to enjoy their platform at all times so for that reason they encourage responsible gaming and staying in control. Players who are not certain whether they are developing an addiction or not should go over the self-assessment test that will help them better understand their habits.

These are all the available tools that can be utilized to create an environment that allows safe gambling:

Deposit Limit – players are advised to set deposit limits to their account even before they start playing for real money. Players can set daily, weekly, or monthly deposit limits and once they reach the limit they shouldn’t try to increase the limit.

Session Reminder – Ultra Casino offers ‘Reality Check’ which can be set at pre-determined time slots to remind players of the time they have spent gambling.

Account Cool-Off – players can take a cool-off period and limit their time gambling. They can temporarily disconnect from playing for 24 hours for up to 6 weeks. During the Cool-off period, players will not be able to access their site until the time out has expired.

Self-exclusion – self-exclusion is a commitment that the player makes to stay away from gambling for a certain period. Players can self-exclude from using their account for a period between 6 months and 5 years. During this time, players can’t deposit funds into their accounts and play for real money. Only after the period of self-exclusion has expired, players will be able to request to reopen their account.

Account Closure – players have the right to close their accounts whenever they want to. All the funds that they have will be returned to the player's active payment method. To close an account, players need to contact Customer Support via Live Chat or send them an email.

Self-Help Organizations

There are tons of organizations that provide services to anyone who is concerned with gambling addiction or needs support and advice. Some of the most popular organizations include www.gamblersanonymous.org/ga and www.begambleaware.org.

Self-assessment Test

Players, who want to see whether they are developing an unhealthy behavior toward gambling, can do the self-assessment test to see whether gambling has become an issue rather than a pleasurable experience:

  • Players spend more money and time on gambling than they can afford.
  • Players find it difficult to manage or stop gambling.
  • Players have arguments with family and friends about the money they have lost gambling.
  • Players who lose interest in usual activities or hobbies.
  • Players who always think or talk about gambling
  • Players who lie about their gambling habits.
  • Players who chase losses or gamble to get out of financial trouble
  • Players who gamble until they lose all their money
  • Players who borrow money or sell personal possessions.
  • Players who need to gamble with larger amounts of money to get a feeling of excitement.
  • Players neglect work and household responsibilities because of gambling.
  • Players who feel anxious, worried, or guilty because of their gambling habits.

Ultra Casino is committed to providing a safe environment for their players so for that reason they have regular staff training on Responsible Gaming.