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Live HD blackjack is one of the variations of live blackjack games offered by Visionary iGaming. Visionary iGaming is a games software developer that has been in the industry since 2008, garnering relevant experience over the years to provide players and casino providers with the best products.

Live hd blackjack by Visionary Igaming was mainly designed to provide punters in live casinos with a better interface presentation, an essential feature in live casinos. In addition, live casino punters can stream the live game in HD streaming quality, making the gaming experience more immersive and entertaining. The gameplay is relatively similar to that of a standard blackjack game but with a few additional features to make it unique.

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What is Live HD Blackjack?

According to the developer's marketing director, a team of professional blackjack players participated in creating Live HD blackjack, which helped the developers ensure that all details were executed to perfection and all features included.

This live game by Visionary iGaming is suitable for punters of all experience levels, allowing bets as low as €1. It is also a fast-paced game, giving punters opportunities to place more bets within a time. The game's fast-paced nature is enabled by the 'choose ahead' feature, allowing punters to choose their actions before their turns. That can even be before the casino live dealer finishes dealing cards to all the players at the table.

How to Play Live HD Blackjack

Players who want to enjoy the game must start by finding live casinos that offer it and register as per the casino's requirements. They must also deposit funds into their live gaming account, factoring in the minimum allowed deposit for the particular live casino. The next step will be to secure a position at the blackjack table. The table allows a maximum of seven players at a time.


The live game starts with all players at the table placing their bets. Each punter playing casino games live can bet any desired amount as long as it is within the minimum and maximum allowed limits. The live dealer then distributes two cards to each player and the banker. One of the banker's cards is exposed to all players while the other is placed face down. Players can then execute their desired moves, including stand, hit, split, and double down.

After all the players have executed their preferred moves, the second banker's card is revealed. The live dealer will deal additional cards to the banker for any score below 17 and stand for 17 or more. A player wins by scoring either 21 or a score closer to 21 than the banker has.

Live HD Blackjack Rules

The game uses the standard blackjack rules with only a few added rules to accommodate the additional features. It uses six standard card decks, which are all shuffled manually by the live dealer every time approximately half the shoe is played.

The banker has an option to hit or stand at 17, depending on whether it is a soft or hard 17. Punters are allowed to double on any card, even after a split. For example, if two aces are split, each ace can get only one card. A punter can also opt for early payouts offered before the second banker's card is revealed. The payout amount is dependent on the punter's score. The payout can increase as the punter takes more cards if the score improves.

Side Bets

Live HD blackjack offers only two side bets. The first one is a pair side bet, allowing punters to bet on the first two cards they get being a pair. The other is a rummy side bet, which allows punters to bet on their first two cards and the casino live dealer's face-up card forming a rummy. Players can also use the back betting option to bet on other players, which comes in handy when they do not get a seat at the blackjack table.

Live HD Blackjack Payouts

Punters win an equal amount to what they place as their initial bets for any regular win. The payout improves to 3:2 for a blackjack win when punters score 21 with the first two cards. With insurance, the payout is 2:1. The two side bets have the best payouts, 11:1 for the pairs side bets and 9:1 for the rummy side bet.

The RTP rate of Live HD blackjack is 97.59%. That is relatively low compared to many other live casino software providers and can be quite discouraging to elite punters and high rollers. However, the additional unique features of the game make up for the low RTP rate.

Players can choose to tip the dealers from the best live casinos, with no limits to the tip amount. The live dealer online casino will then double the tip amount after the next winning hand, which helps to add authenticity to the game.

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