10 Top-Rated Live Gambling Sites in Hong Kong

Live casino gaming is among the greatest online gambling trends in Hong Kong, although gambling is highly regulated. There are hundreds of international live dealer casinos that accept Hong Kong players. The ease of accessibility to such sites and marketing campaigns has popular live gaming. Live casinos also offer a wide variety of live games to cater to the gambling tastes of most punters. The entertainment value and financial aspect are why Hong Kong punters join live casinos. Here you can learn more about live casinos and where to find the best live casinos in Hong Kong suited to your needs.

10 Top-Rated Live Gambling Sites in Hong Kong
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Hong Kong Live Casinos

Currently, there are no live dealer casinos based in Hong Kong. The law prohibits the operation of real money live casinos in hong kong. However, players can gamble in offshore-based live casinos without breaking the law. Choosing the right live casino can be challenging because of the numerous considerations a player should make, such as those highlighted below.

  • Licensing - Players need to ensure the live casinos under consideration have valid licenses. That is one way of filtering out scam sites and ensuring the casino is trustworthy. To that end, players should also consider checking online reviews. The reviews can help determine the user experience they are likely to get and whether the casino is trustworthy.
  • Video Streaming Quality - Gambling in a live casino is heavily dependent on the quality of the video stream. Finding a live casino that guarantees high-quality video streaming is thus essential.
  • Games Offered - Different live casinos offer different varieties of games. Players should ensure that the casino they choose provides the particular live game they are interested in. A wider variety of games is better as players can try out more live games within the same casino.
  • Available Bonuses and Rewards - Bonus offers and various other rewards are quite common in most live casinos. Such offers can come in quite handy, especially when trying out a live game for the first time. Players should thus consider choosing a live casino that offers the best bonuses and rewards, factoring in the wagering requirements of the offers.

Why Choose a Live Casino in Your Country

Normally, gamblers should choose live casinos that are based in their country. The main reason for that is it helps to avoid any language barrier issues, as such live casinos usually offer the games in a language the locals can understand. Another top reason is that casinos allow players to fund their betting accounts using local payment options. Such options are usually more convenient, and at times cheaper, than the international alternatives. However, opting for a live casino based in Hong Kong is not an option. There are no locally based live casinos in the country as they are prohibited by law.

Best Bonuses in Hong Kong

As mentioned earlier, live casino bonuses are quite common in Hong Kong live casinos nowadays. Casino operators usually offer bonuses to incentivize punters to join their casinos and retain customer loyalty. Something to note is that the bonuses typically come with wagering requirements, which must be fulfilled for players to withdraw the money. Below are some of the best rewards in Hong Kong

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is standard in most live casinos. It is usually offered to new punters after signing up for an account. The bonus amount varies among the different live dealer casinos. Some have fixed amounts set, while others typically offer a percentage of a player's first deposit as the welcome bonus. For casinos that offer welcome bonuses as a percentage of the first deposit made, there is usually an upper limit regarding the amount a player can be awarded.

Cashback Bonus

Cashback bonuses are usually offered to players who lose their bets. For such, the live casinos usually refund the players a percentage of the money they lose, typically with an upper limit of the amount a player can be refunded. Some live casinos let punters withdraw this bonus without fulfilling any wagering requirements.

Loyalty Bonus

Loyalty bonuses are usually awarded to punters who play more than a specified number of times or spend more than a predetermined amount. The bonus is generally meant to encourage punters to play more on the same platform. However, loyalty bonuses are not quite common. They are mostly offered in high roller live casinos.

Live Casino Payment Methods in Hong Kong

Live casinos typically offer a variety of payment methods to Hong Kong punters. Choosing the right option is essential and requires players to make several considerations. For example, players should consider the cost of transactions, transaction processing times, and the convenience of the payment method. Punters should also consider the currency used. The country's official currency is the Hong Kong dollar.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are the most popular live casino payment method in Hong Kong. That is because they are easy and convenient to use. Punters only need to provide their card details to make payments to the casinos. Most casinos also give better bonus offers for punters who make deposits via their credit cards.

Digital Wallets

Digital wallets are the second most popular option for most Hong Kong punters. Digital wallets are also relatively easy to use and do not require users to provide private banking details to make payments. Payments are also processed faster than many other alternatives, usually within seconds. Another top advantage of digital wallets is that they can be used to make withdrawals from live casinos.

Bank Transfer

Hong Kong punters also use direct bank transfers to make payments to live casinos. As the name suggests, direct money transfer involves players transferring money from their account into the bank account of the respective live casino.

Mobile Payments

Numerous banks in Hong Kong offer mobile applications that can be used to make payments at real money live casinos in hong kong. A good example is PayMe (officially known as PayMe from HSBC), which generally works like digital wallets, but the funds are transferred directly from the user's bank account.

Live Casinos Accepting Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) in Hong Kong

If you're looking to explore the world of iGaming, live casinos should definitely be on your list. And if you're in Hong Kong, you're in for a treat - there are plenty of live casinos that accept the Hong Kong dollar (HKD), making it a convenient option for you. Not only that, but playing with your local currency also saves you from having to deal with currency conversion fees, giving you more value for your money.

Live casinos in Hong Kong are thrilling and offer a unique experience. They offer an immersive environment that lets you play your favorite games in real-time, with live dealers and against the backdrop of the city's dynamic lights. This combination creates an electrifying atmosphere that's hard to rival.

If you're looking for the best live casinos in Hong Kong that accept HKD, the CasinoRank toplist is your trusted guide. With our up-to-date and reliable information, you'll be able to find the latest and greatest live casinos that cater to your needs. So why wait? Dive right in and let the games begin!

Laws and Restrictions in Hong Kong

Generally, gambling is considered illegal in Hong Kong as per the Gambling Ordinance. According to the law, it is unlawful to set up and operate a gambling business, whether online or land-based. However, running a gambling business within the country is quite different from betting or playing live casino games. The gambling laws are unclear regarding whether playing on offshore online casinos is illegal. Furthermore, there are also some exemption clauses used to legalize various forms of gambling. It is unclear whether live gaming fits into those clauses.

Section 6 of the Gambling Ordinance states that gambling in any gambling establishment is illegal. The section also defines a gambling establishment as any place set up explicitly for gambling purposes.

Playing live dealer games on an offshore casino from home, a coffee shop, or in an office thus does not necessarily mean that a punter is breaking the law, as per the definition. That is the loophole gamblers use to enjoy their favorite live games.

Section 13 of the Gambling ordinance tries to solve the problem identified in section 6 by prohibiting gambling outside a gambling establishment. However, that only applies when the gambling provider and gambler are in the same place. Playing live games on offshore casinos thus does not violate the section either.

Section 8 of the Gambling Ordinance is on online sports betting. The section is more particular, stating anyone who bets with a bookmaker will have committed an offense regardless of where the bet is received. That makes sports betting completely illegal. The only exception is when the gambling operator is Hong Kong Jockey Club, granted a monopoly on operating sportsbooks.

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How Do I Play Live Casinos in Hong Kong?

Players have to find suitable online live casinos based outside the country. The players must ensure the live casino accepts Hong Kong players when choosing the casino. Players must also have a reliable internet connection to access the live games. After depositing funds into a gaming account, the players can choose their favorite live game and play.

What Are the Best Live Casinos in Hong Kong?

Currently, there are no live casinos based in Hong Kong. That is because the law prohibits them. Punters have to play on offshore-based live casinos.

Are Live Casinos Legal in Hong Kong?

Live casinos are currently illegal in Hong Kong. The law prohibits gambling providers from running gambling operations within the country.

Who Regulates Online Gambling in Hong Kong?

Because online gambling is generally illegal in Hong Kong, there is no particular body set to regulate the industry. Hong Kong Jockey Club is the only legal gambling operator in the country and protects all gamblers who use their services.

What Are the Most Preferred Casino Bonuses in Hong Kong?

The most preferred casino bonus is the welcome bonus. That is because punters only need to join an online casino to qualify for the bonus. Another popular bonus is the cashback bonus. That usually comes as a consolation whenever a punter loses a bet.

What Are the Most Popular Game Providers in Hong Kong?

The only game provider in Hong Kong is called Hong Kong Jockey Club. It operates as a monopoly.