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Best Live Casino in Singapore 2024 | Top Bonuses and Games!

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2024 / 02 / 19


Step into the electrifying world of online live blackjack, where fortunes are won and lost with a mere flip of the cards. This thrilling game has captured the hearts (and wallets!) of players all across Singapore, offering an exhilarating experience that combines strategy, luck, and pure adrenaline.

Imagine yourself sitting at a virtual table in one of Singapore's top-notch casinos – but without having to leave your cozy home! With just a few clicks on your computer or mobile device, you can immerse yourself in this classic card game that has stood the test of time. As you navigate through each hand with anticipation and excitement building up inside you like fireworks during National Day celebrations, it's crucial to keep your wits about you as cunning dealers try their best to outsmart even the savviest player.

Whether you're new to blackjack or consider yourself an expert navigator through its treacherous waters – don't worry lah! Our comprehensive guide will equip both novices and seasoned gamblers alike with valuable tips and tricks tailored for our sunny island nation. So get ready - sit back comfortably in Singlish style - grab your kopi-o-si-kosong drink from Hawker Centre Auntie nearby because we've got plenty more surprises coming as we explore everything there is to know about online live blackjack right here!

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Ali Pay
2024 / 02 / 19

Ali Pay

Alipay is an online payment method popular with top live casinos. It was originally designed as an e-wallet for Chinese clients. Currently, it has a global user base of over half a million people. Alipay's services are not limited to specific players. Anyone who wants to play at a live casino that accepts Alipay can do so. But they have to create an account with the payment provider before that. Thus, it has become easier for punters to transfer funds from their Alipay accounts to casino accounts. The provider is accessible in various countries. Alipay's advantages include low payments, quick transaction times, and a user-friendly interface.

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Punto Banco
2024 / 02 / 19

Punto Banco

Welcome to the electrifying world of online live casino games in Singapore! Get ready to dive into a thrilling game that has captured the hearts of both seasoned gamblers and beginners alike: Punto Banco. This fast-paced card game, also known as Baccarat, will have you on the edge of your seat as you place your bets and cheer for victory.

Imagine yourself sitting at a virtual table, surrounded by fellow players from all walks of life. The dealer's voice crackles through your speakers with precision - just like those famous Hawker Center Aunties calling out orders without missing a beat. It's time to put on your poker face (or should we say "Bak Kut Teh" face?) and show off your skills!

With its roots dating back centuries ago, Punto Banco has evolved into one of Singapore's favorite casino games today. So grab some kopi-o kosong siu dai (that extra strong black coffee) because this article is about to take you on an exciting journey through the ins and outs of this captivating game!

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2024 / 02 / 19


Since their invention, debit cards have become a way of life. That's because they make it possible for users to easily access their money and make payments quickly without dealing with the prospect of piling up debt. Yes, Visa and Mastercard are the two biggest credit cards in the world, but there is another major card that gives them sleepless nights. It is known as UnionPay, a giant Chinese financial institution responsible for issuing bank cards to citizens in China's mainland. Like Visa and Mastercard, the card has found its way into casino gaming, and it is now regarded as one of the best payment methods in live casinos.

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2024 / 02 / 19


Live casinos have always been working on refining their services to cater to the ever-changing needs -dynamic needs of millennials and the new Generation Z, which are apparently 100% mobile- and internet-oriented. This makes a cost-effective and mobile-friendly payment solution that processes transactions at lightning speed mandatory for live casinos. Now, MuchBetter is one of those game-changing financial payment systems. It is a mobile-based e-wallet that enables live casino players to complete real-time transactions. MuchBetter works both ways; players can deposit or withdraw with it. It works with Android versions 5 and above and iOS systems of at least 10.

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How to Quickly Learn a New Live Casino Game

How to Quickly Learn a New Live Casino Game

Many live casino players are guilty of playing the same game repeatedly until it feels like a vicious cycle. You might love playing live roulette because the game favors you more than other live online casino games. But the beauty of online gambling is exploring the vast collection of games in a live casino library. There's no harm in trying poker if you're a live blackjack fan.

Top Live Casinos 2024 | Top 10 Sites Ranked

Top Live Casinos 2024 | Top 10 Sites Ranked

Live casinos have become incredibly popular in recent years. New casinos are being created as more and more individuals participate in the fun. Therefore, picking a live casino to play at is getting more difficult. People adore live casinos because they offer a totally unique experience. In certain games, a live dealer will be present. Players will, therefore, be able to learn something new in this manner.

New Year’s Resolutions for Live Casino Players

New Year’s Resolutions for Live Casino Players

Have you already drawn up a list of your New Year’s gambling resolutions? Great, that’s an excellent way to begin 2024 on a high. With the year almost over, many gamblers will be looking back and wishing they could have done some things differently.

Liam O'Connor
Published byLiam O'ConnorPublisher
Written byEthan LimWriter

How We Find & Review the Best Live Dealer Casinos

Many enjoy the real-life casino feeling but prefer to gamble from home. That's where we at LiveCasinoRank come in.

A live casino online lets players play their favorite games in real-time via video live stream. An online live casino allows playing with a real dealer in front of your computer, tablet, or cellphone without visiting a gambling facility.

We help players find the best live casino websites, but how do we do it? Check out the criteria we use when we do live casino reviews:

  • A great selection of games
  • Bonuses that truly benefit the customer
  • High potential jackpots and competitive odds
  • Ease of use and commitment to customer service
  • Safe, secure, and responsible operations supporting sustainable gambling
  • A great customer experience
  • Reliable gaming software delivering real-time connections for remote players

How to Find the Best Online Live Casino in Singapore?

In the list below, Live CasinoRank has compiled the most important factors to consider when choosing the right casino in Singapore online for players’ needs.

  • Bonus: The fun starts at the live casino game, but bonuses are always fun. That’s why we review bonuses and their conditions to reward players.
  • Payment Methods: It’s crucial for a live casino online in Singapore to also offer the proper payment methods. The faster, safer, and easier, the better.
  • Software: What software providers are offered by the live online casino? Depending on the software, the live casino game variety will change drastically.
  • License & Security: The most important topic for us here at Live CasinoRank is, without a doubt, the players’ safety. That’s why there must always be a valid license and high-end security measures.
  • Customer Support: How does the live casino online in Singapore deal with problems? Every decent live casino must offer a live chat, email support, and a solid FAQ.

Regardless of the criteria, players can use CasinoRank© to compare the best live casino sites on the web. All of the casinos we display have something that makes them stand out, which qualifies them to be on our live casino list.

Live Dealer Casinos Online

A live casino is a real-dealer live event that is remotely videotaped. Except for using actual dealers to deal with the hands, it is similar to every other online casino. Players may speak or use chat to communicate with the dealer.

People like live casinos because they can engage with the casino dealer in a social setting and watch what is occurring in front of them. Dealing out cards, the roulette ball rolling, etc.

Many players see it as being more immersive than a typical online casino. The same games in online and land-based casinos are often offered at live casinos.

The best live casinos with live dealers provide these services:

  • Real-life experience
  • Live stream in real-time
  • Easier money management
  • Better convenience
  • More accessible communication with live dealers
  • Chat options

Live Casino Studio

The growing popularity of live casinos has created a new market for live casino studios. These studios are often located where iGaming is a big part of the economy, such as Malta, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Russia, and Germany. Live dealer casino studios in Asia have also become more popular in recent years, with studios opening up in countries where gambling is popular, such as the Philippines.

Most Popular Live Casino Bonuses

Check out some of the top live casino bonuses available for casino players.

Deposit Bonuses

A deposit bonus is when the casino agrees to match the customer's deposit amount or pledges to give them extra funds on top of this deposit. Basically, if the customer puts down $50 as a deposit, the casino might give them a 100% bonus — so the gamer can play with $100 rather than their initial $50.

No Deposit Bonuses

A no deposit bonus is when the casino basically gives their customers a little extra for free — players don't even need to put a deposit down. The casino might offer a pot of funds to help customers try out some of the games for free. Read more about no deposit bonuses here.

Free Spins

A free spin is simply a spin on a roulette wheel — or a try at another game — offered entirely free. This is a common type of bonus and may be delivered to players who sign up for loyalty programs or a similar scheme.

Payment Methods Available in Online Live Casinos in Singapore

Players must remember what various payment methods are available in the live casino market. Are they accepting the preferred payment method? How quick are the withdrawals? What are the fees? Is the payment method safe? We will guide players to get all their questions answered.

Visa & MasterCard

These two techniques are the most frequently used and accepted payment methods globally. These cards are thus among the most well-liked ones in the live casino gaming industry.

Players may enjoy secure and responsible gaming via the live connection by adding money to their casino accounts with Visa or MasterCard credit cards.

Skrill & Neteller

These e-Wallets are a well-liked method for sending and receiving money online. It is also a frequently utilized payment method that enables users to send money in various currencies and transaction kinds to live casinos quickly, simply, and safely. Because of Skrill and Neteller's benefits, live casinos often offer patrons this choice.


Security, safety, and peace of mind are always guaranteed by Paysafecard. This method uses a prepaid card protected by a PIN number and not linked to any other assets or bank accounts.


PayPal is a highly accessible and secure online payment service. It has a reliable transaction dispute process, with different terms and conditions for every nation.

For most customers, PayPal charges no fees and provides immediate payments and cashouts that may take up to 48 hours.


In terms of international payments, Bitcoin is no longer the newest player. It has now gained widespread acceptance from merchants and service providers all around the globe and is firmly established.

The world of live casinos is no exception, and players can fund many of their preferred live casino gaming platforms using the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

What Games Are Available at Live Dealer Casinos?

At the best live casinos, players can pick from an array of gaming experiences – from table games to slots – that will fulfill their needs. With such a wide range of choices, there is something for everyone – providing a unique, entertaining, and rewarding experience.

Live Blackjack

For good reason, blackjack has long been a beloved casino game. Blackjack is a fast-paced, entertaining game that consumers like playing, and its clear-cut rules make it accessible to players from all walks of life.

The selected platform will link players to a live dealer at a table who they may interact with.

Usually, a live text chat feature that supports real-time communications will be used for this. Also, each participant will have a live video hookup on the table to keep them updated on the activity.

Live Roulette

Players may engage with this exhilarating gambling experience from the comfort and convenience of their homes using the most incredible live casino and software.

Each consumer participating in a live roulette will have a video connection to see the action as the ball enters the wheel and lands on a number.

Live Baccarat

Baccarat is a popular game in casinos worldwide, and live baccarat is bringing this form of casino play to an even broader audience. When playing baccarat, customers receive a hand of cards from the dealer.

They then compare this hand with the cards held by the dealer, resulting in a win for the player, a tie, or a win for the dealer — otherwise known as the banker.

Live baccarat has made this game even more popular, given the number of versions, like Dragon Tiger or Baccarat Squeeze played widely worldwide.

Live Casino Hold’em

Hold'em, one of the most well-liked variations of live poker, deals each player two cards, and the most incredible hand is created using these cards plus communal cards in the middle of the table. Unless someone bluffs, the person with the best hand wins the round.

Live Casino Hold'em connects the player and their device to the action via a real-time video connection, delivering all this excitement.

Clients may pick lower-stakes live casino games to sharpen their abilities or rely on their expertise in this game as they plan their next move.

Other Live Games

When customers visit a live casino, they can find plenty of games, including those traditionally in physical casinos.

Among the most popular genres are live game shows like Monopoly Live, Deal or No Deal, Sic Bo, Keno, and many more. These games offer a unique and thrilling experience and provide players with a realistic gaming experience.

What Are the Top Live Casino Software Providers?

The leading software providers in the live casino sector are:

Net Entertainment (NetEnt)

Net Entertainment, a Swedish casino software company, is one of the world’s most well-known live casino software providers. They are responsible for creating iconic casino games and now offer their services in the live casino market.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming, another Swedish company, is one of the world’s top live casino software providers. They recognized the growth potential of the live casino industry and quickly acted on it. They have operations across Europe and many employees located around the globe. Unlike Net Entertainment, Evolution Gaming has focused solely on the live casino genre, with no traditional casino games in its portfolio.


Ezugi is one of the leading live casino software developers, even though it is a relatively new company. They specialize in creating live casino games and are well-respected with their many gaming licenses from trusted gaming authorities.

Some of the games that Ezugi provides are:

  • Live Roulette
  • Live Blackjack
  • Live Baccarat
  • Live Casino Hold´em


Playtech is among the leaders in the live casino software field, providing a robust digital base for gaming companies as they offer customers the very best in entertainment. Based in the UK but with a global outlook, Playtech continues to expand its global reach.

Authentic Gaming

Authentic Gaming takes into account current market trends and player preferences when creating its live casino software to support a growing and constantly changing market. They specialize in providing software for premium gaming products, offering customers a digital experience replicating real-life casinos.

Is it Safe to Gamble Live?

Safety at a live casino is one of the essential aspects to think of. To have strong site security like encryption so that no third parties can access any personal data.

All of the leading operators have been certified by third parties, which guarantees that operations are running correctly. All serious casinos also have licenses to be online and live operators.

Here at LiveCasinoRank, we only have listed safe and secure casinos for players to enjoy. Our casino reviews will help any iGaming fan in Singapore to find a suitable live casino site.

Live Casino Legality

Live casinos are legal. Big casino brands are certified by compliance companies like:

  • eCOGRA
  • NMI
  • Bureau Veritas
  • SIQ
  • Itec labs

Read more about safe and trusted live casinos here.

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Which live casino is best in Singapore?

That depends. Players are all different, which is why it’s hard to pin down the best live casino online in Singapore. However, there are tons of exciting sites here at Live CasinoRank for players to grab bonuses and enjoy the best live games in Singapore.

How do I play at a live casino in Singapore?

Playing at a live casino is much easier than what people expect. Since even the best live online casino is just a part of the gaming site, players need to create an account and head straight to the section. There they’ll find all the relevant games to get started!

Are live online casinos rigged?

With all honesty, it’s incredibly hard to find a rigged live casino online. Live casinos have multiple layers, including the live casino’s license, security measures, and the studio’s implications.

What are live casino slots?

Live casino slots are exactly what players would expect. They are games like Gonzo’s Quest Treasure Hunt that are played with real-life hosts in studios. This combines the action and entertainment of live dealer games with online slots.