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The online gambling situation is complicated in South Korea. Live casinos are being prohibited with strict legislation, with that said, there has never been a recorded case of individual gamblers being prosecuted or punished in any way. Even though it is illegal, South Koreans love to gamble and have found their own way to gamble from offshore casinos. In this way, they can play their favorite live games from the comfort of their homes. In this review, you will find information about live casino gambling in South Korea, including how to select the best online casinos, and what the future of live casinos in the country looks like.

Top  Live Casinos in South Korea
About South Korea

About South Korea

Officially known as the Republic of Korea (ROK), this is a country which is located in East Asia that shares its borders with North Korea. The population of the country counts about 51 million residents, but half of the population lives in the Seoul Capital Area.

The country is considered to be one of the most advanced democracies in the whole of Asia, with high grades for press freedom. However, political scandals and corruption remain an issue, as all four former South Korean presidents are being sentenced to prison for crimes like abuse of authority, embezzlement, and bribery.

South Korea is a well-developed country, and it is the seventh-highest ranking one in the Human Development Index in Asia and Oceania. The economy is the world’s tenth-largest measured by nominal GDP.

The country is also known for providing its citizens with one of the fastest internet connection speeds, together with its impressive high-speed railway network. They are the eighth-largest importer in the world and the fifth-largest exporter. South Korea is a member of various international organizations, such as the G20, the Paris Club, and the OECD's Development Assistance Committee.

About South Korea
Live Online Casinos in South Korea

Live Online Casinos in South Korea

The legal situation for live casinos and gambling in general in South Korea is complicated, to say the least. The short answer would be – no, live casinos are not legal in South Korea. It is prohibited to run a live casino site in the country, and there is no way an operator will get such a license.

The longer answer would be that South Koreans love to gamble and make bets somewhere, despite the country’s ban on online gambling and for South Korean casinos. International live casinos prove to be a good escape for them in that regard, as they happily accept players from South Korea, and give them all the fun they want. The government tries to block these sites, but with little or no success so far.

Although South Korea has strict legislation in place when it comes to gambling in general, there is no recorded case of an individual punter being prosecuted, or punished in any way by the government for playing at offshore live casinos.

So, although live casinos cannot get a license to operate within the country, gamblers are still free to choose some of the best international live casinos and try their luck there. It is very important for them to search for these sites carefully, and to review them before deciding to register.

There are tons of fraudulent sites looking to exploit the legal situation in South Korea, and in case of fraud, there is no authority that could help South Koreans. The most important thing to notice upon reviewing the live casino would be the jurisdiction it falls under. Luckily, there are many live casinos from relevant jurisdictions like MGA accepting players from South Korea, so they will have no issues playing at these sites.

Live Online Casinos in South Korea
History of Gambling in South Korea

History of Gambling in South Korea

Gambling in South Korea has a very long and complicated history, and it goes as far back as when the country split from the North counterpart, which was Soviet-ruled. Following the end of WW2, gambling started finding its way into the South Korean way of life.

However, despite the popularity of gambling increasing, the government started making some restrictive legislation very soon. The laws that were brought forward made gambling prohibited for all Koreans, and they even said that Koreans are not allowed to gamble outside of the country. The only legal forms of gambling were horse racing, boat racing, cycling, and lottery.

Casinos were completely banned until 1967. At that time, some hotels were allowed to offer casino games to their customers. Those games included slot machines and table games, but even then, Koreans were not allowed to visit or gamble at these sites.

To this day, there is only one casino at which Koreans can gamble, and it is located in the region of Seoul. All the other casino establishments in the country can only be visited by tourists. South Korea is known for being a tourist destination, so visitors love to try their luck upon staying in the country.

The same rules apply for online gambling, there is no possibility for any company to obtain an online gambling license, therefore this activity is completely illegal in the country. For this reason, South Koreans have found an alternative – trying their luck at offshore live casinos.

Online gambling is popular in South Korea, and although the government tries to block sites that accept South Korean players, they cannot fully control that sector. There are numerous live casinos that accept players from this country, and there is no case of anyone being criminally charged for playing games at their favorite foreign live casino.

History of Gambling in South Korea
Gambling Nowadays in South Korea

Gambling Nowadays in South Korea

Land-based gambling in South Korea is only allowed for foreign citizens, except for one gambling facility outside of Seoul, in which South Koreans can play. Upon entering the casino, the visitor is required to show a password or any kind of ID that shows that they are not a citizen of South Korea. This is unpopular legislation, as gambling becomes more popular every day within the country.

As for online gambling, it is equally prohibited for South Koreans. No operator is allowed to operate within the country and offer online gambling services to the citizens. However, as this sector is also very popular among South Koreans, they are accessing foreign online gambling sites, and the government does not criminally charge them for that, although they try to blacklist some of these sites.

Gambling Nowadays in South Korea
Future of Online Casino in South Korea

Future of Online Casino in South Korea

Despite the country’s ban on online gambling, the positive side is that South Koreans are still free to access international online casinos without facing any repercussions for it. The popularity of online gambling in the country grows with each passing day, so it is no wonder that foreign gambling sites look to attract as many South Korean players as possible.

The young population of the country is especially active in online gambling, and they try to force the government into making some changes to the existing legislation, but they have had limited success so far.

It is understandable why the active online gamblers in the country are looking to put pressure on the government to legalize this sector. The benefits of legalizing online gambling go both ways, the government will be able to control the market much better, collect taxes, and the employment rates will go up with new people entering the online gambling business. This way, online gambling will become a major contributor to the economy.

As for the players, they will no longer have to search for foreign online casinos, they will have their domestic, reliable ones, and they will not have to worry about being subject to fraud from unreliable sites.

However, it doesn’t look likely that the government will make this happen any time soon, as they seem pretty content with the current legislation, and, as it seems, they will not change it anytime soon.

Future of Online Casino in South Korea
Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming

The popularity of live casinos grows in South Korea, and when that aspect is combined with the fact that more and more South Koreans have access to fast internet connections and mobile devices, it is no surprise that mobile gaming is booming in the country.

Unfortunately, punters from South Korea do not have a domestic live casino to play their favorite games on their mobile phone, but the best, and most reliable foreign live casinos gladly accept players from the country, and they provide them with the ultimate mobile gaming experience. Live casinos have noticed that mobile gaming is very popular and they have optimized their sites for mobile usage, together with creating fully functional apps.

Mobile Gaming
Regulation Laws and Authorities

Regulation Laws and Authorities

South Korea is one of a small number of states in the world that makes a differentiation between Korean citizens and foreigners when it comes to gambling. Casino gambling for South Koreans is prohibited in all but one casino in the country. Foreigners are allowed to gamble at any casino establishment in the country.

The South Korean criminal law is applicable to every Korean citizen throughout the world, which means that they are not allowed to gamble even when outside of the country. The prosecution can be made with a fine or even with a jail sentence.

The only exception for Koreans to this gambling law is gambling at The Kangwon Land Casino. The law allows Korean citizens to enter and play at this casino, which is located in a remote area out of the capital Seoul. The Tourism Promotion Law states that foreigners can gamble at any casino they choose.

Online gambling is also illegal in the country, and there is nobody that can issue licenses on behalf of the government, meaning that citizens cannot gamble on a domestic live casino. However, they are free to try their luck at offshore sites, as the government does not seem interested in chasing them for that activity, instead of focusing on trying to stop those sites from offering their services to Korean citizens.

So, there is no special authority or regulatory body in South Korea that is in charge of controlling the gambling activities in the country, as the government and some sub-agencies making sure the law regarding gambling is enforced.

Regulation Laws and Authorities
Best Live Games in South Korea

Best Live Games in South Korea

Live casino gaming is widely recognized as a new trend in the gambling industry, and players from South Korea seem to be loving it. Unfortunately, they cannot enjoy their favorite live games on any domestic live casino, as the government considers online gambling to be illegal.

However, nothing stops them from accessing foreign live casinos, and thankfully there are tons of them from reliable jurisdictions who accept players from South Korea. The most popular games include poker, baccarat, together with live slots and live scratch cards.

Live poker is adored by the young population because it is a game that requires both skills and luck, making it very exciting to play. Live blackjack is also high on this list, as it includes a real dealer with whom players communicate via live chat or video stream.

Other Casino Games

There are some games that immediately catch the player’s eye when entering the gambling site, and those games include the:

  • Classic slots
  • Video slots
  • The progressives

The slots make up most of each casino's game selection.

These games have many versions, and they are the preferred choice when it comes to casino games. The typical casino site that accepts South Korean players will have hundreds of different types of games to offer them. They always come in many themes, many special features, and the best, up-to-date graphics and sound effects.

Best Live Games in South Korea
Top Software Providers

Top Software Providers

Any international live casino that accepts punters from South Korea is likely to have a good repertoire of live games, filled with the latest titles. The best live casinos in the world make sure to partner with the leading game providers in the industry in an attempt to provide their punters with the ultimate gaming experience.

When searching for a live casino to register on, South Korean players are best advised to check out the list of software providers. Some of the best casino sites have partnered with the likes of:

  • Net Entertainment
  • Microgaming
  • Play N GO
  • Yggdrasil
  • Pragmatic Play
  • IGT
Top Software Providers
Top Casino Bonuses in South Korea

Top Casino Bonuses in South Korea

One of the greatest advantages of live casinos that accept players from South Korea is the bonuses. The best live casino sites give players the chance to pick between a wide range of promotional offers, as it is a good way to attract new players, but also retain the existing ones.

Upon registering to a live casino, any player will be eligible to claim a welcome bonus, which usually comes in the form of the site matching the first deposit of the player. Sometimes the live casino will even match the second, third or fourth deposit. Free spins, no deposit bonuses, and the cashback option are also very popular among South Korean players.

How to Claim These Bonuses

It is important to state that all bonuses have certain terms and conditions, together with some wagering requirements that need to be checked by the players prior to using them. Not all bonuses are worth using.

The welcome bonus is usually filled with T&C, and it usually comes with some wagering requirements. It is only applicable to newly registered players and depending on the live casino, the first few deposits by the player are matched.

Sometimes, the sign-up deposit matched is paired with some amount of free spins, and all winnings from these spins are converted into bonus money that the player needs to wager. There are some free spins that do not convert into bonus money, but they are not common. The no-deposit bonus and the cashback option are pretty self-explanatory, but they cannot be found at many live casinos.

Top Casino Bonuses in South Korea
Payment Methods in South Korea

Payment Methods in South Korea

As the South Koreans do not have the possibility to gamble at domestic live casinos, they need to rely on the international ones, and another good way of knowing the site is reliable is to check the payment methods it has integrated. Credit and debit cards are popular, together with e-wallets, like Skrill and PayPal.

The most important thing for any player in the world is to have instant access to their money, and the e-wallets are known for their fast withdrawal procedures, and for that reason, they are the most popular payment methods among South Korean players.

Other Payment Methods in South Korea

The prepaid vouchers and the e-checks are known to be avoided by the players. The reason for it is the slow withdrawal procedures these payment options have, as sometimes it can take up to a month for the withdrawal request by the player to be completed.

They are reliable and safe, but these procedures are a big negative side of them. Bitcoin is another emerging payment option, and the popularity of it grows in the gambling market. However, it is still new for the South Korean players, as they are yet to embrace it as a favorite payment option.

Payment Methods in South Korea


Everything you need to know about casinos

Is gambling legal in South Korea?

The situation regarding gambling in South Korea is complicated. Land-based gambling is allowed only for foreigners, and domestic citizens can only gamble at one casino which is located few hours from the capital Seoul.

Is there a way for South Koreans to gamble at live casinos?

Yes, the government is not interested in chasing individuals gambling at foreign live casinos, so any player from the country can feel free to access any international live casino that accepts players from South Korea.

Do players need to pay taxes on their winnings?

Not at all, as the South Korean gambling laws state that it is an illegal activity for domestic citizens, no taxes apply to them.

Do live casinos accept South Korean won as a currency?

As there are many live casinos that seek to attract players from South Korea, they will allow them to play the games with South Korean won. If that is not available, players can still use different currencies such as USD or the EUR.

Can games be played for free at live casinos that accept South Korean players?

Yes, all live casinos have the option for players to play the game on a demo mode, which is a good way to test the game and get to know the rules. There is no time limit on how long the game can be played.

What is the legal gambling age in South Korea?

Players need to be 19 or older in order to be able to access a casino in the country.

Can players expect bonuses at live casinos that accept South Korean players?

Absolutely, as the live casino competition is fierce, operators must fight for new players, and therefore the players benefit from the generous list of bonuses available.

Are there any withdrawal fees at the live casinos?

This depends on the payment methods the player has chosen, and they can be charged some small withdrawal fees when requesting it. However, these fees are very minimal, so no player needs to worry that it will affect their wallet significantly.

Which payment methods South Korean players can use?

It mostly depends on the live casino, but the best ones have integrated almost all of the relevant payment options such as credit/debit cards and e-wallets.

Which live games are most popular among South Korean players?

The most popular live games would include live poker, live blackjack, and live baccarat, as they are very simple to play and have many versions that players can choose from.