Prestige Live Roulette

Prestige Live Roulette
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Prestige Live Roulette

Playtech chose the name Prestige Roulette for this game title because they wanted to evoke glamor. Live casinos that feature it make the player feel like a VIP. This is due to the fact that they get a one-on-one experience with the dealer in a private setting. Prestige Roulette came out in 2015 and became popular soon after its release. It continues to endure partly thanks to the HD image streaming quality and friendly dealers. Whilst some games of this type opt for static cinematography this is not the case here. Multiple camera angles help to make the action appear more exciting.

General Information

Game namePrestige Live Roulette
Game providerPlaytech
Game typeRoulette
Streaming fromLatvia

How To Play Playtech Live Prestige Roulette

Just like any other live game, it is essential to understand the game rules. Like all roulette games, a win is all down to chance. Prestige Live Roulette can be accessed on multiple platforms, channels, and live casinos. Each game is streamed from a private room that utilizes neon lighting effectively. Sometimes players are not interested in seeing the table view. This would be a problem on older roulette games and could potentially spoil the experience. However, Prestige Live Roulette gives users the option to hide the table and instead focus solely on a view of the wheel and game host. There are even slow-motion replays available.

Players interested in instant access will not be disappointed. There is no need to download any additional software. However, tablet users may need to have the live casino app already installed. Alternatively, they can play it through a web browser. The game was designed using a combination of HTML5 and flash technology. With a strong connection, it will load instantly.

Game Rules

Like all other roulette titles, the aim is to pick a number, color, or section that the player predicts the ball will land on. When the game first launches the screen shows the dealer in a neon environment next to the wheel. They drop the ball into the wheel once the player has finished their wager. They announce when no more bets are allowed. If the ball lands where the player predicted then they win. The rules are extremely simple.

In terms of features, Prestige Live Roulette conforms to those found in standard European wheel-based games. All of the main rules for this type are present. There is some deviation in that the dealers tend to actively encourage interaction. This is designed to enhance the gambling experience. Some users may find that their internet connection is unable to handle the quality of the video streaming. If so they have the option to lower it in their settings.

There are numerous tabs found on the screen. They inform the player of the ball history and game statistics. Chip denominations, chat, win details and camera angle options are displayed on the control panel. Straight up bet limits range from 5.00 to 25.00. The house edge is 2.70%.

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