July 10, 2021

Guide for Choosing the Most Profitable Live Poker Table

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When playing live poker on your favorite online casino, there are lots of split-second decisions to make. First, you have to learn when to raise, fold, call, or even check. But before you even get to this point, you must get it right when selecting a live poker table. So, what exactly does a freshman need to look for in a poker table? This poker guide will walk you through this critical phase.

Guide for Choosing the Most Profitable Live Poker Table

Rule #1. Study the players

This one is a no-brainer. If you’re looking to win a $100,000 video poker jackpot on a live casino, stealth should be your strategy. Always choose tables with the least experienced players. Experience has it that greenhorns are prone to making hasty decisions, leading to costly mistakes that you can capitalize on.

But of course, finding a poker table with multiple green hands is easier said than done. In this case, you only need to sit back, watch, and learn to identify the playing patterns and your potential ‘clients.’ Fortunately, most regulated live casinos allow non-playing gamers to stick around by the table.

Rule #2. Choose a position on the fish

Sitting on the same poker table with at least one green hand is definitely a good thing. However, having a position on them will help you take full advantage of the situation. In other words, ensure that the position you’re in allows you to play many pots against the newbie. Sooner or later, they will give away money, and you must be ready to pounce.

Still on the position matter, make sure those aggressive gamers don’t have a position on you. If possible, choose a post on their left. Reason? You’ll study their reaction to your entrance to the table. Alternatively, be the last one to act on the table. This can help you decide whether to end the betting round and view the subsequent card without adding money to the pot.

Rule #3. Calculate the lobby stats

Usually, some live casinos will furnish players with the table stats. These figures can help you determine the average pot size. In return, you’ll know the number of actions dished out at the table. For instance, if the pot size is large, then it means players on the table are making costly mistakes. Remember, you’re in the game to capitalize on your opponent’s mistakes.

Also, the table stats can help you know the average number of punters per flop. Thus, you’ll learn how loose the gamers are playing. For example, if the figure is high, this may mean gamers have super-low starting hand requirements. Also, the figure might indicate they are novice players. The reverse is true for higher figures.

Rule #4. Play live poker at the right time

Besides finding the “Jesus Seat” and comprehending the table stats, you should also know when to play. Expert poker players claim that playing on the weekends is more profitable than during the weekdays. That’s because most “fish” are held up during the weekdays only to show up over the weekend to unwind.

However, playing poker over the weekends doesn’t necessarily guarantee success. Some people will tell you that Black Fridays are way better than weekends. So, discover the best time that works for you, as this is a trial-and-error process.

Final advice

Overall, choose a live poker table that exposes you to the most profitable situations. Fortunately, doing that doesn’t involve any complicated math equation but just common sense. Remember that choosing a table with poor players lets you play with as many hands as possible. And above all, play live poker on regulated live online casinos.

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