October 6, 2020

How Do Live Casinos Work

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How do live casinos work?

Nowadays there has been a growing trend regarding live casinos, which is completely natural. People who love to play at real casinos have been choosing to play at home and to play against live dealers. Especially because play from home has plenty of advantages. Of course, there are many players who wonder how everything works. Let’s answer all your questions.

How Do Live Casinos Work

What’s live casino gaming?

Playing remotely isn’t a new concept, especially because it has been around for a lot of years. But that was for virtual games. This means you’d play a predetermined game and a win would be decided totally randomly by number generators. Basically, the house edge would get the better of players all the time. Of course, any casino still has got an advantage at any live casino but the numbers are better for players while playing there. There’s a better opportunity of winning while playing at a live casino. Basically, the game is broadcasted to your computer through a streaming service. The casino needs to set up live gambling rooms. Then, from your own house, you can make bets and even chat with the dealers. The reason why live casinos are so popular There are definitely a few advantages when it comes to playing live casino games. One of them is you’ll surely get superior winning chances. This is because it’s all about to the payback because this is higher in these live games than in the common ones. Plus, live games are highly more interactive. Live casino players can definitely interact with dealer and also with other players. These games aren’t monotonous at all and it’s possible for you to choose your favorite croupier.

What’s the technology behind it?

Technology is highly important for online live casinos. Whenever there’s any type of technology, then something might become unsteady and it doesn’t matter what it is. But there isn’t the need to worry since everything about live casinos has been broken into small bits so that all people can understand them. Nowadays, technology allows people to turn their living room into a luxurious live casino without any work. It’s granted that, in the instances where you’ve used self-exclusion tools like Gamstop, then these options can be limited. But there are VPNS which allow you to access content from different other countries for you to experience.

Game Control Unit

There’s a signal from the camera but it’s definitely useless if there isn’t a game control unit. What this does is basically encoding the data, making everything run smoothly. It works with sensors on all the tables and magnetic strips on the cards. For example, when a dealer pauses on a small panel after taking a card from the shoe? This allows the CGU to scan these cards and to keep track of the player who has which card.

The cameras

Each table has at least 3 cameras. Every game is broadcasted in high-definition, which is much better for the players. The cameras are highly indispensable since they can actually film the game. The feed from them is beamed online to players watching from all over.

The dealer’s monitor

In front of a dealer there’s always a monitor. It’s basically an information centre allowing him or her to run the game smoothly. It also contains some information like how many players have joined the table, which is the preferred nickname of the player and any comments or bets that the players might have done throughout the game. It’s important that the dealer knows all of this, of course.

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