February 14, 2022

Live Casino Tournaments – Rules and Tips

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Today, online live casino tournaments compete with regular games from attention from players. Instead of playing against the house, gamers duke it out against themselves, raising the stakes even higher. And, of course, the higher payout than regular games and competitive leaderboard makes the whole experience more breathtaking. So, this guidepost walks you through your first live casino tournament experience and how to win more often. 

Live Casino Tournaments – Rules and Tips

What are live casino tournaments and how do they work?

It’s an open secret that playing at the best live casino requires a real-money account. In other words, you must have a minimum deposit in your casino account to participate in live play. Another point to note is that live casino tournaments are only open to loyal players and not new gamers who have just set up an account. 

Having said that, live tournaments are competitions where players complete a specific number of rounds. Usually, players have the same bankroll awarded in the form of chips after paying the entry fee. In addition, gamers compete for the top spots, which blows the competition wide open as players who amass the most points on the leaderboard get the prize.

It’s also worth saying that live casino tournaments are played for a specific duration. This can be hours, days, weeks, or even months. Therefore, it’s no wonder the best live casinos only allow loyal players to participate in these events. 
Types of live casino tournaments

There are two main types of live casino tournaments. Here is a brief overview:

Sit ‘n go tournaments: This is arguably the most common live casino tournament. In this case, the contest doesn’t have a specified end date. Players just need to book a seat and compete. Many a time, this type of tournament only supports up to six players. It’s also possible for more gamers to join the action after it starts. 

Scheduled tournaments: This type of event typically has a specified opening and closing date/time. The competition usually lasts longer than Sit ‘N Go tournaments, specifically more than a month. In addition, more players can’t join the action once it kicks off.

With these tournaments in mind, casinos can then specify the tournament rules. For example, in a live casino online elimination tournament, players who don’t meet specific points during the round don’t proceed. On the other side, rebuy tournaments allow players who run out of chips to purchase more and continue playing. So, carefully read the tournament terms and conditions to know what you’re getting into.

Features of a good live casino tournament

Live game tournaments are usually part of the casino’s promotion campaign. As such, it’s easy for players to join tournaments that doesn’t offer much in return. Fortunately, players can do some crucial things to cherry-pick the right tournament to join. First, look at the prize money and compare it with the entry fee. Does it make any business sense? 

For example, a tournament can have 40 participants who need to pay a $20 entry fee to contribute to the prize money ($800). Now assume positions 1, 2, 3 share half the prize ($400), with the rest equally distributed to the other top 10 players. This means you’ll only get $57.14 ($400/8) if you manage to make it to position 4 up to 10. That’s a profit!
Besides the number of participants and the tournament prize, look at tournament bonuses. Some tournaments award free chips after completing a certain number of rounds. Others even offer the final round winners a lottery ticket. In short, don’t settle for less.


After reading up to this point, you should be ready to participate in that live casino tournament. All you need is basic knowledge of your favorite live casino game and a bit of confidence. And above all, work on your gaming speed.

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