Understanding Online Live Poker Hands and Odds

Those who play poker regularly are likely to be familiar with the different poker hands, such as the royal flush, straight flush, and full house, since each of them is very common.

There are a few basic things you should know to give yourself an advantage when you play online live poker games, including how the different hands rank and how likely they are to occur.

We will discuss the ranking of hands in poker in this article as well as payouts for different online live variations that are available, progressive jackpots, and the odds of winning the game.

Understanding Online Live Poker Hands and Odds

Hand Ranking in Poker

Before we dive into the payouts for different online live poker variations, let's first understand the basics of hand ranking in poker:

  • Hands in poker are ranked from the highest to the lowest. The highest-ranking hand is the royal flush, which consists of a 10, jack, queen, king, and ace of the same suit.
  • The straight flush is the next highest-ranking hand, followed by four-of-a-kind, full house, flush, straight, three-of-a-kind, two pairs, one pair, and a high card, which is the lowest-ranking hand.

Payouts for Different Online Live Poker Variations

The payouts for each hand vary depending on the online live poker variation you are playing.

  • Texas Hold'em - Highest-ranking hand pays out 10000:1, while the lowest-ranking hand pays out at 1:1.
  • Omaha - Highest-ranking hand pays out 5000:1, and the lowest-ranking hand pays out at 1:1.
  • Seven Card Stud - Highest-ranking hand pays out 1000:1, while the lowest-ranking hand pays out 1:1.

Progressive Jackpots in Online Live Casino Poker Games

In addition to regular payouts, many online live casino poker games offer progressive jackpots. Progressive jackpots increase in value every time a player places a bet. The jackpot continues to grow until a player hits the winning combination.

Understanding the different types of progressive jackpots can help you increase your chances of winning big. Some jackpots are awarded randomly, while others require a specific hand or combination of hands. The odds of hitting a progressive jackpot in online live poker vary depending on the game variation.

The best jackpot hand in live poker is a bad beat. A bad beat occurs when a player with a very strong hand loses to a player with an even stronger hand. The bad beat jackpot is awarded to the player who loses with the stronger hand.

Odds of Winning in Online Live Poker Games

There are many factors that influence the poker hand ranking odds. They include:

  • Number of players,
  • Your position on the table,
  • Skill Level,
  • The type of poker game you play.

For almost any poker game, the highest possibility for a hand to happen is Pair, which comes with odds of 1.28:1.

There are several tools and resources available online to help you calculate the odds of making a particular hand. These include poker odds calculators and charts that outline the odds of making specific hands.


Overall, poker is not a game that requires only luck. You need to be familiar with the different payouts and hand probabilities to increase your chances of winning.

Knowing the poker hand odds and rankings can help you make informed decisions during the game at the top online live casinos. It's also essential to know the payouts for each hand in the variation you're playing.

Being successful in online live poker requires you to follow a strategy and play according to the limits you set. Setting limits will result in you becoming a better player who always gambles responsibly.

How many hands are played per hour in online live poker games?

The average number of live poker hands per hour played is about 60, but this varies depending on the number of players and the dealer.

Does the dealer play a hand in online live poker?

The dealer in online live poker games does not play hands. He only deals cards and manages the game in general.

What beats the dealer's hand in online live poker?

In most online live poker games, the dealer's hand does not play against the player's hand. Instead, players compete against each other to form the best possible hand. But, for example, in Caribbean Stud Poker, the dealer's hand does play against the player's hand. In this game, the player wins if their hand beats the dealer's hand.

Live dealer poker is an exciting game that can offer a lot of thrills and opportunities for winning big.

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